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4. September 2018 20:14
by Shawn

The Results Are In

4. September 2018 20:14 by Shawn | 0 Comments

Hello to all. 

Well after the GCSE results came in I had to know how my private pupils did. The pupils that took the Foundation Tier achieved a grade 5. (The highest grade that a pupil can achieve at the Foundation tier) Some predictions were surpassed and that is amazing.

One pupil I taught the whole course to privately, one session a week, achieved a grade of 7. A testament to the work that was put in to achieve that grade. It is not easy taking an extra GCSE in your spare time, on top of all the others and especially a language, and receiving such a fantastic grade. What an amazing acheivement. 

Great work by all of you. You all worked hard to achieve and you should all be very proud of yourselves. 


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