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23. August 2018 14:27
by Shawn


23. August 2018 14:27 by Shawn | 0 Comments

Well the results are in for all pupils across the nation and I hope you all achieved the success you deserve. 

My advice for any pupils who are moving into year 11 GCSE Spanish or French in September is to revise on a regular throughout the year. The new GCSEs are hard. I am sure that you will hear this a thousand times over the year from your MFL teachers. There is one reason we bang on so much about revision. Do you know what the reason is? Here it is the answer you have been waiting for..... it works. It is very simple. It works. 

Spanish or French GCSE are not subjects that can be crammed for in any way. (I am in no way advocating cramming for other subjects and that should not be attempted) The material for MFL is just too vast.

Each Year 11 pupil will need to ensure that they are always on track with prep (yes doing homework will help solidify what you are learning) and to create their own revision schedule. I have seen it too many times. Pupils freaking out as their Spanish or French exams have "crept up on them". No they didn't. Exams cannot creep up on you, they have no appendages to perform that task. 

Being ready is the key. Little and often will make a massive difference in the long run. 

"I'll do it tomorrow" does not help you today.

Good luck and have a good start in September.


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