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27. March 2013 07:24
by Shawn

Easy way to order

27. March 2013 07:24 by Shawn | 0 Comments

"To like" in Spanish in the infinitive, the "to form" of a verb, is "gustarse." When ordering in a restaurant or shop using this verb will help you to ask for what you would like.

The phrase is "Me gustaría una coca-cola, por favor." 

Me gustaría (Meh gw-stah-ríah, the í is pronounced as the i in machine) translates to "I would like". Highlighted in blue is the noun, what you are asking for, and it can be substituted for any thing that you would like to purchase or order.

Give it a try. Go to a local Spanish restaurant and order your food by using me gustaría..and read off the menu what you would like. 





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