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27. August 2018 18:58
by Shawn

My Website Name Has Been Hacked

27. August 2018 18:58 by Shawn | 0 Comments


I was doing some maintenance on my website, the usual things one does. Deleting spam comments and such when I have come across a third listing for my website linking it to an abortion blog that was not written by me. There seems to be quite a few. Any past blog that refers to abortion that has my website name attached to it was not written by me.

The use of my website name was not authorised. I do not use the Brighton Spanish Lessons website for any type of political stance or the airing of any political issues. 

If any of these articles have offended anyone please allow me to express my sincerest apology to you. I have deleted the blog template that was placed but the website links remain. Google has been contacted and the unauthorised links will be removed in time. 



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