Brighton Spanish Lessons

Expert tutoring in Spanish by a Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Private Spanish tuition in Brighton & Hove

At Brighton Spanish Lessons I aim to provide the most effective private tuition for all ages and levels. I am an experienced qualified teacher with a passion and enthusiasm for languages. Currently, I am the Head of Modern Foreign Languages in West Sussex and I specialise in helping pupils achieve their predicted grade in GCSE Spanish, A level or IB. In light of the new and more challenging GCSEs in Modern Foreign Languages I am certain that in conjunction with my years of teaching experience and my role as a GCSE examiner, any pupil will achieve the success they deserve.

If you want to refresh your Spanish before heading out on holiday or you are thinking of moving I am certain that I can create the right type of lessons to help you build your confidence with your conversational Spanish.  

For academic purposes all courses will be rigorously tailored to focus and improve the four skills necessary to achieve success at GCSE, A level and IB.


“Since my daughter has been tutored by Shawn-Michael, her enjoyment and understanding of Spanish has increased immensely. Her acceptance to College, studying Spanish, was due to his input and skill. My daughter finally believes in herself her capabilities. Thank-you.” Lyn, parent.

"I have always had a passion for Spanish, since being tutored by Shawn-Michael my comprehension and verbal skills have both improved and enabled me to be accepted into A level Spanish. Shawn makes learning Spanish easier with a sympathetic yet thorough approach, he has provided all the key resources for my studies. My lessons are focused and aimed at achieving my goals and with his help I am planning to continue Spanish into university." Annie, former student.

"Shawn took a subject that I had little interest in and made it a hobby. I would look forward to studying because of the big smile and character that taught me. I would thoroughly recommend Shawn as a language tutor to anyone." Danny, former student.

"Shawn has taught both of the my daughters with them both achieving A grades in GCSE Spanish. Shawn's input over the years has been invaluable to their success. Thank-you very much." Kathy, parent.

"My son achieved a level 6 in the new GCSE which was beyond his predicted grade. There would have been no way he would have achieved that 6 without Shawn's help." Liz, parent.



The basic rate for private tuition is as follows: £35 per hour for GCSE tuition, £40 per hour for A level and IB tuition. Adult non academic lessons are £30 per hour. Different rates will apply depending on the length of the lesson required.

If you are interested in tuition but do not live in Brighton and Hove I offer Skype on-line lessons that focus on speaking. 

A discount will be offered for blocks of lessons that are paid in advance and I am willing to travel.

If you have any questions about availability please contact Shawn-Michael Connors at 07429007524 or through the website for a quote.